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Temerature issue.


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I installed my H50 with one fan and intake air. and I have a i7 920. My questions is that why is 4 core temperature difference is so much.


core 0: 44C

core 1: 38C

core 2: 43C

core 3: 37C


Load: (something like this)

core 0: 71C

core 1: 65C

core 2: 71C

core 3: 61C

Low: High:

core 0: 42C 75

core 1: 38C 72

core 2: 42C 76

core 3: 37C 66


Is this normal? Is it because some thermal paste was not evenly spread out? (because I took it out few times without removing the thermal paste on the pad, and I put it back in")


My system is running at 3.6Ghz. 1.25v.

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IF you remove the H50 from the CPU, you need to replace the Thermal material as its ability to cool is reduced.


My advice is to apply some new TIM (such as AS5, OCZ Freeze etc) and see what difference that makes.


Also, 1.25v seems a little high for a 3.6ghz clock on a 920.....??

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Thank you all for replying.


I got my voltage to 1.18 now. Is that more normal for a 3.6Ghz? How much voltage do people usually put here? I see many put 1.3 or more for 3.8Ghz...

Anyways, the temperature lowered... and I reapply thermal compound with Y-500 a very cheap silicon paste. The temperature is more stable now. average 70 on load 45 idle. Is there a way to lower this temperature even more?

Some people told me to use MX-2 or MX-3... is it going to make a dramatic difference? If it is I would give a try.


And the set up I have now is a push-pull intake at rear... will it be better if I do push-pull exhaust? I just want my case to cool down... so it's not like a heater in my room.

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so it's not like a heater in my room.


The heat in your room will be constant whatever paste/fans/configuration you do.

The heat comes from how much watt your PC uses and thus transforms to heat....so your roomtemp will always be the same (IF using the pc for same amount of workload ofc....gaming will produce more heat than surfing for porn etc.....erhm maybe,maybe not ;) ..)


BUT your CPU and other stuff inside your pc you can affect....in ways you describe yourself, different coolers/fans/pastes etcetc....

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I agree with the comments being made...


* the idle temps I am seeing are similar to yours - mine is between 36-43C

* the voltage was too high for the OC - I run 1.14v for 3.2GHz OC

* the ambient room temp will be a factor in idle temp for CPU - mine is 25-26C

* the ability of the fans to pull cool air in will be a factor - mine varies depending on whether I have the front of the case on, sides on, filter on, etc. I have seen this cause 2-4C shifts in temp.


My OC is being done with 1.14v @ 3.2GHz. I got it to 4HGz with 1.2v, but did not test stability of system.


My max temp, though, at 3.2GHz is around 60-64C, but this could be because of voltage differences, case differences, etc.


All temps are recorded using Real Temp 3.00.

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