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Finished Removing my Hard Drive cage


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I finished removing my lower hard drive cage and got to thinking, why not add another fan where it sat so I did. I will likely pull it back out and just place a metal fan grill over it to increase the air flow into the fan. I have it set as an intake to help cool the air brought in by the 140 Radiator fan that is drawing air from the bottom through the radiator.




Even with the fan in place I still have enough roon to add a 140 Rad and fan in the area where the cage was.


In Case the Other Link Doesn't work


Front Fan with Filter

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I looked after I placed the filter on and there is about 1/4 " with the filter so I am changing the filter to an aluminum filter for a flush mount. There is actually quite a bit of room underneath the bezel, enough to put your hand in so 1/2" to 3/4" and the air can draw from the bottom of the bezel. So I am switching to one of the below to allow for more airflow intake. The cavity is actually quite large when you look at it and pull the bezel off.



or this


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