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SSD 256 Gig with XP not using ACHI


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A general question, I would like to try the SSD 256 Gig drive, but would like

to image the OS and everything to it using Acronus True Image. Which means that the OS was originally installed with IDE in bios and really want to try the SSD

with the BIOS in IDE mode. Will it work, even if I have a little degrading in performance, or will it be a total diaster...


THanks, for any hints.,


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In most cases (99%) it will work fine, I would suggest making sure that you have the latest BIOS and chipset drivers installed be fore you do the image.

But a lot really depends on the MB you use and if it will auto set AHCI or not.

I would suggest connecting the drive as a second drive and quick format it before you image the O.S. to the drive so the drivers are installed.

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Actually, my experience is no; you will enter into constant reboot before GUI loads.


My bad; sorry, I thought I read you wanted to restore an image created from a system installed in IDE mode to one set in the BIOS for AHCI; Ram Guy is exactly right and I must learn to read a little better. It will be fine.

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