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Gigabyte EX58-UD5 and 12GB XMS-3 1333 problem


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hi all.


well, I'm not really sure what exactly is wrong with my new setup, so I'm sorry if this thread is in the wrong place.

System specs are as listed in my profile, and the problem is this:

OS keeps resetting randomly all the time, and it happens during some basic operations (longer installations, surfing, files copying etc.; I don't know how it would handle some heavy rendering, I didn't manage to install my 3D applications yet), or being idle for some time (btw, there's no BSOD, even though I checked that Don't restart immediately upon error option).

now, connections of hardware to PSU and MBO are double-checked. all of RAM and HDDs are visible in both BIOS and Windows. nothing is overclocked. all drivers are up-to-date.

temperatures are normal, I believe (the case is ******** p182, properly cooled with 3 case fans and Scythe Kabuto on the CPU).

I've tried many tests for hours (Prime, OCCT, memtest, various HDD utilities, Cinebench etc.), and absolutely everything passed with 0 errors.

RAM is currently operating at 1066, and I've taken out (just for now) 3 sticks. the system is perfectly stable with 6 GB, but as soon as I try with 12 it starts resetting itself.

I've tried changing some settings in BIOS, as suggested by other people (I don't know much about that and rather wouldn't mess around), which included raising IOH Core value, raising memory multiplier and DRAM timings, but nothing helped.

now, my goal is system stability, not overclocking of any kind; so, does anyone have idea which setting in BIOS might help?


thanks in advance.

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c'mon, I can't believe that no one knows.

if I, say, raise the RAM voltage to -- how much? 1.6V?--, could that help?

I'd just like to hear from someone with experience, I'm total newbie in BIOS-tinkering area and don't dare to experiment on my own because I have no clue what I'd be doing.

or, to rephrase the question:

what different settings could I try without damaging any of my hardware?


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