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TWIN2X4096-8500C5D G on Asus P5Q


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I have a problem with my new rig. I have it 5 months now and I think there is something wrong with a memory module.

All started like 2 months ago when my computer went crazy, random BSOD and stuff. I run memtest86+ and it showed a lot of errors. I tried different settings for memory but still no cigar. I called to the store where i bought parts for my comp. They ask some standard questions and told me to wait for RMA request. I left the modules until the next day. At morning I test them again and everything was fine. After a few days of testing I canceled RMA request and modules worked fine until yesterday.

Symptoms are different now. Computer works fine for a couple of hours, but later crash with a random BSOD. When I start memtest86+ it shows a lot of errors, like the last time. When I waited some time, probably when the memory cools down, system starts again for a couple of hours. Then everything happened again. I tried different settings for the set and I cleaned the insides from dust. Leaving computer over the whole night didn't fix it this time.

I'm not a pro about memory, but this is not my first computer made. I worked in computer shop for an 2 years and I saw a lot of issues with computers but this is a first time when I see something like this.

My mobo BIOS is on default settings.


Thank You for your help.

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