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TX 750 problem


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i'm pretty comfused with a problem that i can't resolve.

Everything used to work fine for the 2 past months, then since few days my system isn't able to boot anymore. I mean fans are turning for 2,3 seconds max, then nothing happens... Tried to clear cmos, removed CG, removed 1 ram, same problem, EXCEPT when i plugged out the EATX 12v connector (which gives power to the cpu), doing this, computer seems to work, all fans turning, no reboot... But the system won't load (which is normal because cpu don't receive power from p.s)

Then, could it be a problem with this connector??

Is it possible that my PS lost power, then it's not able to give enough power to the whole system??

I really don't know what to do :(


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I am also having the exact same problem. I have had my power supply for a little more than a year. Over the summer I replaced the motherboard since my PC would lockup on the desktop. I put the new motherboard in and the computer hasn't posted once. I have also replaced the CPU and that hasn't fixed anything so I'm guessing the power supply is at fault now.
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TX750 should be enough power for a core i7 and a GTX260.


Plug a speaker into the motherboard pins correctly and see if you can get an error beep code. Then look up the beep codes for that motherboard.


You can test the PSU by shorting the green and black pins on the 20-pin motherboard connector. Then rig a multimeter to it and switch the power on. Do this to measure the +12 volt (yellow black) and the +5 volt (red black). If both have correct voltage, the problem is likely not the PSU.

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