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Memory for i5 - Help


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Hi guys,


I'm looking to buy a new i5 system and I've been struggling to find the right memory.


The only facts I know of are:

1. Intel recommends using memory of 1.5 Volts +- 5% which means 1.575 MAX.

2. Most of the memories (including Corsair's) that are shown as "designed for/compatible with Intel Core i5" are listed at 1.6-1.7 Volts.




OK we all know what the confusion is all about right ?


So.. I sent an email to Intel Tech Support with Corsair's list of compatible memories and this is the answer I got :


Hello Dean,


Thank you for contacting Intel Customer Support.


As the manufacturer of the processor, it is stated that the Intel® Core i5 processors support up to 1.5V instead of 1.6V.


The website you have provided is not showing at all any of the voltages on the memory, therefore, this is something you should consult with the memory manufacturer; if they were 1.65V then the answer will be that they are not compatible with the Intel® Core i5 processors.


Then again, as the manufacturer of the processor, it is stated these processors support up to 1.5V and not 1.5V..


The datasheets have been already provided and it has been already advised that the use of 1.6V or more will most likely make your system run unstable and even burn your processor.


Can anyone help me find the right answer to this question ?


Thanks in advance,



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Considering every memory manufacturer has memory specifically for the Core i5/i7 that goes up to 1.65v, Intel's just being ultra conservative.




Short story: If your motherboard supports setting memory voltage to 1.65v, you're fine.


Example: http://corsair.com/configurator/product_results.aspx?id=1092663


Ignore the 1.8v memory listings there. Corsair's already been notified of it and will be removing them soon.

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