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Corsair HX620W Problems with MotherBoard, HELP!


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I recently bought a PSU Corsair HX620W and the Mobo Gigabyte-MA790fxt-ud5p

My problem is that: if I connect this PSU with this mobo, the latter doesn't turn on, and also the led of the mobo!! :(:

But if I connect this PSU with another mobo (asrock k10n78-1394), it works!!!

So I suppose that the PSU is OK...

So I connect a cheap PSU of 550Watt at the gigabyte, and this time it works!!!

So... it's possible that this PSU is incompatible with this expensive Gigabyte??

I connect the Corsair with the gigabyte using:

First time: 24pin+4pin, then 24pin only, then 24+8, 20 only, 20+4, 20+8...

So I tried all the possible configuration of connection, but the mobo doesn't work...

I find on the web that maybe there is a problem with the "Power Good" signal of the mobo....


Can you Help me? Please!! :praise:

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