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800D plus cooler question


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I myself am running the evga classified 760 with the EK Full Board Water Block and the H50 CPU water cooler but as long as the board is able to run it, the case can. Are you doing anything to the heatsink that comes stock? That would be my own major concern for room because the stock NB/SB heatsink is massive. Check for reviews online, I am sure many people have set that thing on top of their CPU and reviewed it.


I haven't kept up on air coolers much but is that one of the better ones? I read somewhere that the Prolimatech Megahalems and the Noctua was rated higher (and I am pretty sure they have lots of room on the classified) than most but like I said, I haven't kept up with them. For the cost, the H50 seems to be one of the better buys if you are planning on air cooling. It is self contained water cooling system so no messing around with reservoirs and such and it takes up very little space and beats most of the air coolers in every review I read.

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