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Mixing 2gig and 1gig dominator sticks


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ive recently upgraded from 4x1 gig sticks to 2x2gig and 2x1gig, it has casued instability with my system which now freeze crashes. Its all PC2-8500C5 dominator ram and all the specs are the same. So im just wondering if its not a good match to put 2gig and 1gig sticks together. The sticks are in the correct channels.


Im running a Asus P5K premium MB, with a E8200 OC'd to 400fsb. Ram is running at 1066. Vista 64bit.


i have ran a memtest and came up with no errors


Many thanks

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the only "4-up" config supported is sold that way.

the memory test that is supported here is linked on the left (memtest86) if you still get no errors it is possible it is the memory controller on the CPU causing the crashes.

what are the timings and voltage of the different sets?

personally i would take out the 1 gig sticks.

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