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TX750W Voltage Spikes


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The PSU gave me some troubles when I first got it with the buzzing thing and running very hot but after a few months it all stopped. Now I have a new problem. I don't know if its the PSU or the System board but the power of the system is randomly spiking. When it happens you can hear all the fans in the case spin up and down and sometimes it gets so low that it causes my HDD to spin down and clunk out causing data corruption. I do have the PSU running on a UPS so it shouldn't be getting any dirty power. Not only the random spikes but something is causing problems with the system resuming from standby. If its left in sleep mode "S1 or S3" for more then 30 minutes it fails to resume. It either powers up the fans, HDDs, ect. or it doesn't do anything at all but turn the power supply fan on. "The only way to fix it to flip the hard switch."


This has me so confused. :confused:


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I took everything out changed out the drives. The fans are not spinning up and down anymore but seems every drive I put on this computer burns up. In the last two months I've burned up 2 DVD roms and 3 HDDs. "Though on HDD might be faulty seeing its showing signs of problems and I've only had it 2 weeks".


Its kind of odd though. The fans have stopped spinning up and down but the HDDs and DVD rom still do. "The DVD Rom doesn't spin like the HDDs it just clicks." All the components in this system are new and its making it more trouble to run this problem down. My voltages show normal most of the time but according to the system board logs I get a 2v drop on the 12v. But I can't really depend on the software to be right.

But if that 2v drop is real, what kind of side effects would it have on other components?

If the the HDD PCBs don't have enough power maybe they are treating the system as it is rebooting and spinning them up or something? Though I doubt that would be the case seeing the if the drive lost that much power it drop and the OS would probably stop reading it and cause a lockup.

I've replaced almost every component minus the system board and ram.

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