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HX450w and VX450w connector eps-atx12v: 8pin or 4+4pin?


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Hallo to everyone,

I own an old motherboard Abit IS7-v2.

I would like to buy new Corsair PSU 450w, HX450W in particular (or VX450W).


My question is about PSU connectors for motherboard and CPU, please take a look at motherboard layout:

a) - motherboard has 20 pin ATX connector, I know it won't be a problem with this PSU, correct?


b) - motherboard has further 4 pin connector, but I guess I will not be able to install PSU connector, because PSU connector it's 8 pin and I have not enough space around 4 pin connector in my motherboard (look at motherboard layout please).


Is this correct?

Point b) means that PSU 8 pin connector it's not detachable in a 4+4 pin, is this true?


If yes, there is not a way to mount a Corsair PSU!


Thanks to everyone.

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