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Is 1:1 FSB:DRAM still considered more stable (including at stock)


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Just wondering something out of curiosity...


I have an E8500 with some Corsair TWIN2X4096-6400C5. At the bus level, I understand the CPU runs at 333 and the ram at 400MHz respectively.


Now that chipsets have matured (e.g. Intel P45), I understand ram dividers aren't as problematic as they once were. By default, my board (Gigabyte EP45-UD3R) runs a 5:6 ratio so as to allow the CPU and RAM to run at the above asynchronous frequencies. In a stock settings environment, i understand this is 'fairly stable'. If however, one wanted the most stable system possible, in a stock-settings environment, would it be better to set the divider in the BIOS to 1:1 so that it drops the RAM down to the synchronous speed of 333MHz?


In other words, would this statement be correct?


An FSB:DRAM of 5:6 (333/400) is considered stable; a 1:1 (333:333) would be more stable.


I simply want to ensure 100% stable operation: bleeding-edge speeds aren't important to me (okay you may hang me now :sunglasse), so I leave things like the memory timings alone. I did some testing and I can see when running 5:6 that there is a 1-2% performance benefit, however, this I'm not worried about. 'Most stable configuration' is preferential to a slight increase in speed.


Any input is appreciated.


(This post really got me wondering: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/252720-28-ratio-q9550#t1849851)


*Thank you to the mod for moving the thread. I wasn't quite sure which to post, tossing up between "DDR2 Configuration and Tuning" and "Motherboards, Processors and Overclocking".

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It is hard to answer this question because it is relative to the specific chipset in question. So for some chipsets this may be the case but for others it may not be and it is really about what the chipset is optimized for not really about the memory verses CPU FSB. However, for most Intel Chipsets the memory fsb cannot be set higher or faster than the CPU FSB.
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