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Corsair Store Invalid SSL cert

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Can you tell me what track you took that got you there? I'm not aware of any non SSL links on the store so it'd help for sure.




My flow path:

Main Site entrance


Hover over "Memory" then click on "Dominator GT"


Click any of the red "Buy Now" image areas. This step will take the user to the Online Store.


Click "DDR3 Memory" link in the online store area.


Under the section "CMG6GX3M3A2000C7" Click the "More Information" image.


On the "CMG6GX3M3A2000C7" page click the "Add To Cart" image.


On the cart page click the "Check Out" image.

[if not logged in, then do so. Does not affect the problem.]


Examine the section for "Enter your credit card information". The image for the invalid Thawte certificate will be displayed.



The critical path to note is probably the the link URL contents for "Buy Now" in the step above. Contains a link location with the leading contents of "http://www.corsair.com/store/"


I also noticed if the Corsair customer uses the blue "Online Store" image in the main site menu bar then the problem does not exist. This is because the menus bar is referencing the correct domain and URL of "https://shop.corsair.com"



BTW,,, Get the heck off the board and take your vacation! While it is fantastic to see such dedication by a :praise: Corsair employee, but you also need your down time. Especially in the IT field known for our 60+ work weeks!

Have a great vacation Mitch!!! :):

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