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To Corsair, why no 7-7-7 3GB triple channel?


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I have been a happy Corsiar user for years now and I am now looking for some low latency memory for a Core i7 920 setup. I do not wish to push the memory speed beyond 1600 Mhz and was thus hoping to find some low latency memory modules in a triple channel 3GB configuration.


In looking at your current product line up, I was surprised to see that you offer this low latency memory in a 6GB configuration, but not a 3GB configuration.


Since by the time 6GB of memory would be useful to me I will have built another machine anyway, I would rather save the money and just get the amount of memory I need. Apart from that, I am still happy running 32 bit Windows anyway and won't be going to a 64 bit OS until PC games are specifically written to run on a 64 bit OS.


The lowest latency modules I see you list are the 8-8-8 ones for 3GB. So the question is why do you only offer them in a 6GB config and not a 3GB config? Is what I am after that unpopular?

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