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windows 7 freezing and HX620W power supply


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hello all, I am having a problem with my computer and was wondering you could help me verify the culprit.


i had built this system 1-2 years ago and it has been working great, that is until a few weeks ago.


Whenever I play games or do anything that brings the computer to higher load then normal, my computer just locks up. there is no warning and from what i can tell no pattern to the freezing.


this is what I have done to eliminate the problem, but nothing has worked so far. I tried reformatting thinking it was a driver/program doing it, I checked and made sure it was not a heat issue, i checked windows logs and only saw that i got an "kernel-power" error after the system was forced reset, my operating system is up to date and other programs(anti-virus, drivers, etc) as well. I originally was overclocked to 3.0Ghz, but reverted to optimal defaults in the bios and the freezing still occurs.


the only thing I have not and can not check without a multimeter is the power supply and or motherboard. also I read that dirty power and surges can cause the freezing, I do get flickering lights from time to time in my small town home.


so from your expertise, do you think it could be a bad power supply not regulating power correctly? what other way can I check the power supply to make sure it is giving enough juice to my hardware other then buying a power supply tester, etc?


thank you

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hello RAM GUY,


I changed trfc to 80 and changed MCH core to 1.40 and changed dram voltage from 2.08 to 2.1 as per my ram dealers specification for this motherboard.


I ran memtest+ overnight and after 7passes and 10hours of testing, there were no errors.


I will clean out the dust and check everything else again. So far it has not crashed today, I hope that it is fixed :)


Thanks for you're suggestion and if I have more crashes I will reply to this thread again.



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