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I think I have a grounding issue, ideas?


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Went to install a Rampage II Gene in the Obsidian case. Computer would not reboot, giving me the error "KBC BAT test failed" CMOS error halted.

No amount of playing around would allow me into the BIOS.

Took the board out of case, set on a box. Hooked everything up and the computer works fine.

Install it back into the case and get the above error.

Sounds like a ground issue? But doesn't make sense as the old case had unpainted metal standoff's (good ground), new case has painted standoff's (poor conductor) and sitting on the box here there is no ground to board other than PSU connector. And no there isn't anything touching the bottom of the motherboard.

Using a PC&S Silent 750 watt SLI PSU.

Worked fine in old case with brass standoffs. Have any suggestions?

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Yes Virginia I do believe it was a grounding issue! Put a couple layers of electrical tape on each mounting hole on the back of the mobo. Cut wholes in the tape. Mounted the board in the case and voila it now works.

Now if someone could explain to me why this happened I sure would appreciate it!

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