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PSU Suggestion 620HX or > for i7 5850CF


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Need a bit of help here, I am wowed by corsairs 620HX look, i love the braided individual cables, but wasn't sure if it was enough to handle my system?


Do i need to bump to the 750?

Does the 750 have braided cables?



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TX750 - yes

HX750 - those that are permanently connected, yes. The modular cables have their own covering.


Not sure what the power consumption of the 5850 is, but you should be fine with the H620 or HX650. If you're thinking about upgrading in the future you may want to bump it up a bit.

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Ok here is a GREAT review by the folks at Anandtech.com



As you can see under full load a i7 Vanilla setup with 5850's running Crossfire will draw about 550W (good lord)


so the 620 @ 80% efficiency will push 496W guaranteed?


Side note with games running wow will push around 372w


looks like the 750 is the winner.


I've seen individual braiding for the wires on some of the PSU's not just 1 braided sleeve but multiple tiny ones. Does the 750 model have this?

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The efficiency doesn't work like that. It's not 620W * 0.80 = 496W, it's 775W * 0.80 = 620W.


In otherwords, it will draw up to 775W to produce 620W assuming 80% efficiency.


From the website:



Did some napkin math and came up with this table.


[table=head]Percentage|Output|~Efficiency|~Input from wall








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