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My Initial thoughts on the 800D, Help


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Case arrived in excellent shape, not a thing wrong.


That's where the good news ends :(


First off why would Corsair make a case without the universal PSU mount? My PC Power & Cooling 750w SLI doesn't fit the case, the 120v plug catch's the corner of the case.

Also the only cable long enough to come fom the back is the main connector with 1" to spare, plus the two connectors for the Video Card. The rest are too short.

Used the 12v extender that comes with the case to connect to the eight pin 12v supply to mobo.

Got some extenders to hook up drives etc.

When I went to boot, nothing, dead. That's when it donned on me there is no case speaker??? So I can't hear any beeps? Was working fine when I tore it down. Spent several hours checking out the system, that's a lot of work on a water cooled system.

Finally pulled the PSU set it on top of case so all the cables would reach. Presto it appears as though the 12v extender is nfg. But wait, now that the ASUS Rampage II Gene has power it stilll isn't booting. But at least it is posting and now telling me the keyboard controller can't pass the BAT test and that's all she wrote, dead in the water.


Anyone have any idea if not having the extra 12v supply to the Mobo could have caused damage to the board? The power was on for a total of about an hour without power from this connector.


The Obsdian is only 2 in. taller than my current case in which all the connectors reached just fine. But off course having to go through the side of the case severely shortens the effective length of the wires.


Why no universal PSU mount on case? Did Corasir even test PSU's other than thier own, as others are going to have the same problem.

Length of cables is another issue that should have been thought out before going commerical. Grrr, should have known better than to have bought the first design of a new builder!


The inside of the case is now all scratched up just from moving things around (scratches very easily) , so I don't even know if I can RMA it :(

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First off why would Corsair make a case without the universal PSU mount? My PC Power & Cooling 750w SLI doesn't fit the case, the 120v plug catch's the corner of the case.


Did you try to mount the PS upside down? Just asking. (what is "the universal PSU mount?"

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I tested 3 PSU from 3 different companies and they all fit. Had to firmly hold the psu to get the holes even besides that it fits. As for the short cables I really didn't have any problems because I have tons of them here and I use them on this case including the one that came with 800D and no problem.
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The PSU mounting is a known problem and is to be fixed in future revisions, it has been discussed here and on other forums. The cables being too short is not Corsairs fault. I have had this problem with other cases so that is not their fault. Extension cables are the answer in your case. I bought a new Corsair HX750 for my case and I did not have to use extensions. If it is posting I would think it would be ok but don't really know.
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I've read the whole thread before, but that's a lot of info :) Thanks for the direct link.


Personally, I wouldn't take Redbeard's response as a statement about every case made, but perhaps a subset, e.g. a specific run or something.

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Johnmark,what I can say about not having the cable on that 12VATX plug is better than what I did (with retailers orders)which is bust out the 4 off the 24 and use it,DONT anyone do this,it is not a ATX connector,suprisingly no damage to any component,so I say you are good in this case.
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Hey guys chill, these are my first impressions of a new case builder. I'd be surprised if everything was perfect, which is subjective to say the least.

Plus don't forget at $300 this is an expensive case and will be viewed with a critical eye to being the perfect case.


This case is AWESOME. I've got my water cooled system somewhat together and its been a pleasure to have all the space to work with. And even though I'm using my old Swiftech 220 rad (feser 320 arrives today) my water temp has dropped significantly !



- Minor case paint chips along side covers.

- Door behind hotswap bay's does not lock into position? Hole and lock not aligned.

- Hotswap SATA connector broken, pulled sideways on plug when putting door on. The connectors could have a lot more substance.

- Scratches easily, which is the nature of a matte finish.

- PSU doesn't fit properly, 120v plug casing is 1mm too wide.

- Using 3/4" OD tubing doesn't work well routed through the base plate. Just too thick for the space and bend radius of tubing. You can do it but the side panel will bulge.

- Air filter pull on bottom is long and pulls out the back. Which means your going to have to move this baby forward to remove the filter for cleaning.


What I would change in order to make this the perfect case for me :)


- A more durable finish. I like the looks of the current build.

- Better quality parts on Hot Swap bays and plastic parts.

- A few more (8-12)screws in the bag so they all match.

- A little more room between right panel and case bottom.

- Filter that can be removed from the side of the case.

- A termination panel for wiring. ie All PSU plugs go to termination panel then cables (supplied) go from there to appropriate devices. Would need a space to bunch up cabling from PSU. Would make for a neater setup.

- More covered holes in the plate that is above PSU. To allow for more options to utilize the space that is under there, as well as pulling up PSU cables.


Did I say I REALLY like what Corsair has put together as its first case and will recommend this to any serious builders!

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