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Upgrade to 64-bit & 8gb Ram question


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I have an HP m9150f and would like to install 8gb (4 X 2gb) Corsair TWIN2X4096-6400C5C

The memory configurator lists 4gb as the most recommended memory. It "seems" to assume that you can't go beyond 4bg Ram because of the 32-bit os?

The system's specifications lists 8mb max. Perhaps it "could" also be power supply limitations?


Will it work?



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I will be installing Vista Ultimate 64-bit and then Windows 7.

I am looking to buy 8gb of memory.

The HP m9150f system specifications say that this system will go up to 8gb Ram.

Corsair's memory configurator shows only 4 1gb modules:


The VS1GB667D2 is an unbuffered, non-ECC, 1GB DDR2 memory module operating at PC2-5400.

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Then I am sorry if they are not listed on our configurator I would not be able to suggest them. However, if your reseller will let you return them if they dont work it way be worth trying as long as:

1. The system you have will support 2.0 Gig modules using 256 Meg X 8 Memory technology

2. You will be using a 64 Bit O.S.

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I want to buy the 8gb max that Hp says I can put in my HP Pavilion Elite m9150f desktop PC. I will be installing a Vista 64-bit OS.



Corsair's memory configurator only lists 4 1gb sticks.


I don't know if I can buy the memory I want from Corsair!???


I think that it requires 2.0 Gig modules using 256 Meg X 64 Memory technology


DDR2 PC2-5300 • CL=5 • Unbuffered • NON-ECC • DDR2-667 • 1.8V • 128Meg x 64 •

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