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H50 Bracket


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I ordered a H50 cooler from a Dutch reseller.


I heard that i had to order the AMD bracket from corsair, the problem is that i do not own a credit card, so ordering the bracket is impossible for me.


Does that mean that becouse i do not own a credit card i can not use the H50 cooler??

That would be a very strange way of buying products......


Hope someone can help me solve this so i can use my H50 cooler.

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Thank you!!


I contacted the customer service by e-mail just now, ik will keep you updated with the solution.


Weeks ago i contacted the support desk, i asked if there was a solution to get my AMD bracket becouse i don`t own a creditcard.

But...... i still did hear nothing and i still can`t use my H50 cooler.


I am stunned by the quality :mad: of Corsair, why isnt there a sollution for people who don`t have a credit card????


if this is the quality Corsair will stand for, I am shocked and quite mad!

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