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Computer shut down while playing 3D games


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Hi everybody,

I have recently bought a new PC choosing the components one by one to upgrade from my old Athlon 3000+ 5 years old.


The PC run smooth without any problems during normal operation, but when I play 3D games (like SBK09, NFS Undercover, Rise of the Argonauts) after few minutes of play it shut down without any notice (no BSOD at all, it's like the power was removed) and restart after few seconds.


I've checked the temperature of processor and graphic card: max 60° for Core i7 (40° idle) and less then 60° for the Gainward (38° idle).


I've done some reasearch over internet and it seams a power supply failure, so using SpeedFan 4.39 I've taken screenshot of voltages while playing SBK09 before PC shut down:




The 12V rail seems a little low (while in the BIOS Hardware Monitor reads correct at ~12.15V) and under stress drop down a little. Vcore seems quite unstable. 3.3V is instead regular without any fluctuation.


Could it be the HX750 the responsable for the unexpected stop of the PC? The 750W should be more then enough to power all the components, and the shop where I've bought it told me that HX620 should be more then enough if I don't plan to add another GC for SLI, but I've decided for 750 to hame more room for future expansion.


Thanks for any answer and sorry for my poor english.



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Software voltage readings are rarely reliable. Either way, 12v is rated at a 5% variance, so if it's between 11.4v and 12.6v it's fine.

The 12v is within spec. I would suggest you to test the system with a different PSU to just be sure.

More test & comparison with different PSU.

CPU test (above HX750 - below Enermax Liberty 500W):


GPU test (I've stopped the test with HX750 before the PC shut down, so the test has only 45 sec duration):


At this point I'd say the problem is the HX750.

Is it better to ask the exchange to the shop where I've bought it or to Corsair distributor in Italy? I ask this as the shop is not near where I live ...


Any feedback will be appreciated.

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