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RMA for TW3X4G1333C9A

Bongo Kong

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Hi, i have some question about the substitution of a defective 2gb XMS3 module. I bought 2x2gb sticks from an italian online shop.They arrived just yesterday, but when I install them on my brand new Asus motheboard the pc won't even boot. It doesn't reach the bios, no signal, no sound, nothing at all.Then I tried to unplug everything to see if the mb was failure but it wasn't. I found out that removing one of the two sticks make the pc boot with no problem.Tried every ddr3 slot, tried to use only 1 stick but it always behaved the same: with the "good" stick the pc works flawlessly, with the "probably bad" stick is totally dead. So I feel quite sure that it's probably faulty :(: Well, I have already compiled the RMA request form and i'm waiting for the answer. By the way now I have some questions about what should I do :p:

I live in italy (as you may have guessed from my definitely bad english :laughing: ) so what about shipping?Is it almost the same than ship from usa or there's something different to do or there are different addresses to which i should ship the module (maybe in europe)?

And then I've bought the ddr3 sticks in "pair" but they aren't TWINxX modules so can I return only the "faulty" stick (so that I can continue using the pc with the other "working stick")?

Sorry for the long post and also sorry if my questions where already answered elsewhere...:roll:

Thanks :D:

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