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How about an Ultimate Definitive SSD Care Guide?


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Forgive me if a post along these lines has already been listed somewhere else - I don't often find time to forum surf unless it's work related... :roll:


So, it's all in the name basically. What do we think?


I'm sure we'd all love to see a guide that shows us how to care / maintain our awesome solid state wonders. Something definitive for Corsair drives. And something in plain language. The reason I post this is because I went out on a whim and gots me a 64gb Corsair Extreme today. :biggrin: ... and also because my boss wants to start slapping SSDs in any new laptops that come through our business. While I've done a tidbit of research here and there, I must admit I'm not right on the cutting edge of the SSD revolution...


I think - THINK - I read somewhere that some wizard of the forums is compiling some detailed info? I'd be quite keen to read that. ;):

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It should be ready for when Windows 7 launches .... it will be comprehensive but not definitive as there is always something new to be learned and not all of the tweaks or advice will be relevent to everyone; most of them will be a "try it and see" with a way to backtrack if nothing much happens or if it has a negative effect.


And ...... it will be in "plain English" with images to help guide along the way :-)


BTW: I've got the X64 drive and it rocks

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Dude, that's brilliant. I thought it was your name I stumbled across! :P


Having worked in the industry I know how things rarely go according to the manual / instruction / logic / plan. But at least it's something to go by. Images are an awesome touch too - which really helps beginners.


That said, we'll look forward to it ;): I doubt your work'll go unappreciated.


Ps. I haven't benchmarked my X64 yet - but compared to my failing refurbished Western Digital drive, it's awesome. If they prove to be as reliable as most people think, I'm so going to RAID-0 2x of them when I build my next custom machine in March...

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