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64GB P Series SSD - Any tips for XP or Win7?


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I am trying a Samsung-based SSD for the first time with an Asus P5WD2E-Premium board, as I am concerned it's raptor is giving out. This board is used in a business setting so I have no real need for a whopping fast i7 board or anything like that. It's using an old 920 3.2GHz dual-core. I know how much an SSD can breathe new life into an old system when done correctly. I run about a dozen business apps and utilities/programs on it so it should be adequate in size for Vista/Win7 if I choose to go that route. If I just must store my 5000 favorite iTunes songs I can't live without, I'll go mechanical for those :-).


My system also uses a couple RAM drives in RAID 0 for pagefile, temp file, IE temp file, etc. I don't use hibernation or system restore. I ghost my system every morning.


Any tips for anything peculiar to this drive other than the standard tweaks and tips? Should I use AHCI under XP with this drive? I have not had good luck with AHCI and Indilinx controllers so I am leary.


I've always wanted to try the Samsung controller and 128MB DRAM cache over the Indilinx drives I am used to, and even the JMicron-based antiques I run in a RAID O config.


I plan on using a fresh install of WinXP SP2 32-bit. I will attempt a 64 offset as well, and F6 the ICH7R drivers during install, especially if this lets me get a good alignment.


Corsair has such a good rep in so many other areas I figured I'd give their SSD a shot.


Finally, anyone run Eboostr, FlashFire, any hardware RAID controller x4 or x8 lanes, or SuperSpeed's SuperCache utility with this drive to augment it's performance?


Any thoughts are appreciated as I am new to Corsair/Samsung SSD's

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