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Voyager 16GB No CD, USB extension or lanyard


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I just purchased a new 16GB Voyager and it does not have any software included..? Is that now normal or could this be a counterfeit?

The reason for choice of this brand was that it was supposed to have utility software that enabled creating more than one partition (or did I get that wrong).


My unit came from a reputable store in Vancouver, BC but had no CD, no extension and no lanyard. Does that sound right?

I thought that Voyager might have cheaped out on the accessories and the CD but at least expected to find the software already on the stick or at least a url for download.



Hmmm. Could I have misspoke here? Maybe I was thinking of truecrypt - except I am not so much concerned about encryption but rather want to create a second partion?


I am hoping to load a Linux Live CD such as Knoppix (or now, many others) into a small bootable primary partion, and then partition the remainder for data.

Has anyone done this? Advice?




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