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Corsair Extreme Series CMFSSD-64D1


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Hello there!

My uncles is going to usa next week and I have the intention to buy 2 of this hard drivers: Corsair Extreme Series CMFSSD-64D1.


As I won't have any chance to RMA I would like to know the % of DOA or problematic ssd of this generation.

Is the number to big ?


Should I be aware of something ? Does this drive upgrade it's firmware after been shipped ?

Does it have TRIM or garbage collector or any software inside that will not deal ok with windows 7/vista ?


Thanks for the kind atention I always get on this forum.

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  • Corsair Employees

Corsair´s warranty is a worldwide service so there shouldn´t be any problem to RMA the drives if there are any problems - just make sure your uncle gets an invoice with your name on it ;):


X-Series drives are shipped with the latest firmware - as soon as there are any updates we will have them on our website and/or in our forum - an end-user flashtool then also will be available.

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