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HX620W RMA question


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Sorry if this is in the wrong place, but I have returned my HX620 under warranty and I cant find a direct email for customer services.


I returned the PSU as recommended with tracking and insurance, and have just recieved notification it has arrived.

But due to the fact it had to go to the Netherlands, it cost me a not incosiderable sum of money, just short of £30. Can this be refunded or have I got to absorb the cost ?

I wouldn't mind so much if I had sent to a UK address as it would have been around £10, but £30 is a lot to be out of pocket for a warranty claim.


Sorry again if its not in the right place, but I needed to ask someone at Corsair for an answer :)

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Ooops !

I don't believe it !

Less than a year since my replacement arrived, it died, is there a problem with these units or have I just been very unlucky ? Maybe they dont like going into standby mode ?


Either way I was happy with the way my last RMA was dealt with, but I am not so happy that it happened again :[pouts:

RMA # recieved and unit being shipped to Netherlands again .... we need a UK dept so postage doesn't cost a bomb :sigh!:

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