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installing windows via bootcamp on X64


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hallo forum and ssd experts,

i've just installed a X64 SSD in my MacBook Pro (mid 2007).

Installation of Mac OS X 10.6 SL runs perfect and everything works as it should... BUT:

the installation windows XP pro SP2 (original CD) via bootcamp fails.


after creating a drive for windows, bootcamp tells me to insert the Windows CD and to restart my MBP... the computer should boot from the windows cd.


but after the restart, all i get is just a blank white screen, the cd drives strarts reading and spinning, and then.... nothing.


i formatted the drive several times, but still no luck...

Cd is OK! Drive as well!


any ideas??

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personally either VMware fusion or Parallels works much much better. Parallels so far seemed the most seamless.

also i have read that if you let bootcamp format or partition it does not seem to play nice.

better to format a partition first from the MAC to NTFS then choose the drive/partition during the install.


i still have had 100% success with Parallels.

no need to format anything, it just works.




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