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Paired 8500C5D MemTest x86 Issues


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Ok, here goes...


First some background:


Quad Core 6600 Intel

EVGA 780i MB

TWIN2X4096-8500C5D memory set totaling 8GB

Windows 7 64-bit


In about the last 2-3 months I have had to RMA both sets of memory that reported defective in memtest x86. I have swapped slots and have been able to isolate the specific module each time. In each case the affected DIMM has been in a different source slot. The first set of modules I RMA'd and had replaced about 2-3 months ago when DIMM 1 was reporting errors and have had no issues with those since. However, the modules I purchased originally with the system about a year ago started causing BSOD errors and crashes of WoW when I upgraded to Windows 7. So again I did tests in memtest x86 and found errors on DIMM 0. So I swapped the slots around and got the same errors and instability issues no matter what slot was used. Finally I removed the offending DIMM and had no issues.


About 2 weeks ago after a bit of burn-in time to verify the issue, I RMA'd the 2nd set of DIMMs and received the replacement ones and put them in the system. Afterwards, I immediately started having BSOD and WoW crashes. Again I ran memtest x86 and did the DIMM swap routine and have isolated it to DIMM 3. So I removed the module and now I am operating with 6GB with the 1st RMA set and 2nd RMA set (minus the one DIMM). I have had zero issues with BSOD or WoW, so its pretty safe to assume that the memtest x86 reports were correct.


So, I am wondering if there has been a rash of issues with the TWIN2X4096-8500C5D memory modules? I am not overclocking or doing any custom tweaks in the system, running defaults, and I have the latest BIOS version and patches for the OS, latest drivers, etc. Again the memory works great if I could just get a "good" set of modules. Does anyone have some additional things I can look into that my be the root cause or is this just the case of bad luck with RMA'd memory?


For reference, I have been building computers for about 15 years both professionally and as a hobby and follow standard static prevention practices.


Thanks in Advance!



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