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A story about memory to memorize...


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I bought 2 sticks of Corsair DDR3 memory in spring of last year.

They worked fine for a month or so and then one of them failed.

I sent this couple for RMA replacement.

Corsair shipped a replacement shortly. UPS representative in Ukraine informed me about customs fee (I don't remember exactly, but it was very expensive, maybe around $50 ). I refused to pay and the package was sent back. I contacted Corsair again and they made another attempts. Unfortunately, with the same result. There were at least 4 more times.

I decided to use my parents's address in Russia and finally I got a replacement without any troubles.




1. Never give up! I have just found out that the customs rules in Ukraine changed. Now I don't have to pay in such cases...


2. I have to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH to Jelaide, who helped me a lot without any fatigue.

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I am finding myself in the very same situation, though it is only beginning for me. I've sent out a USB Flash drive to Corsair for replacement some time ago and they have currently shipped the replacement via UPS.


Today I was approached by a person from UPS Ukraine saying that I need to pay customs fees and provide some kind of documents (including the invoice translated into Ukrainian) to obtain my package. Given that those fees and other related expenses (such as document translation etc.) could reach more than the actual price of this kind of a Flash drive I am not willing to pay them.


GOI, what was your experience in refusing payments to UPS? Did they try to charge you for storing the package or sending it back? What did you mean saying that customs rules in Ukraine have changed? I would appreciate if you contact me via PM or email in Ukrainian or Russian. :)


RAM GUY, is this a normal practice that a customer gets charged for obtaining a replacement? I mean I am not importing a new product, I am just receiving a replacement for the part I've bought before (and apparently paid all import related taxes). Can you please help?

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