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TR3X6G1600C7 Timing Issues


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I just built my new i7 system and got 12GB of TR3X6G1600C7 to go with it. However, after running CPU-Z on the system, the timings of the RAM are only running at 9-9-9-24 and not the rated 7-7-7-20. I've currently overclocked the CPU to 150MHZ FSB (3GHz) and changed the RAM ratio so it's around 1400MHZ at the moment.


My question is does the RAM have to be running at 1600MHZ+ for the timings to be set to 7-7-7-20 or is it OK to change these manually in the BIOS?


Also I have the ASUS P6T-SE mobo, and it has the option to select XMP mode for the RAM. Should I enable the XMP mode in the bios and is this mode available for this RAM?





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