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Damaged coil in brand new HX520W?


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I just bought a HX520W PSU, and curious as I am I looked into the interior through the rear ventilation grill.


To my surprise I noticed that the coil that is located close to the grill at the far end from the power inlet (the one with the shrink tube covering it) was damaged. Or rather, the shrink tube was, and a copper wire from the coil was visible through the hole. And the naked copper wire is dangerously close to the ventilation grill (1-2 mm).


I suspect that the coil might be on the AC voltage side, hence the extra insulation? Which makes it even more dangerous!


Could this be considered a faulty PSU, so I can RMA it? I tried it in my PC and it is working, but I don't wanna leave home with it on...



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