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Hi there! My TRIM question...


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Okay first off, I have two Corsair Extreme 64gb SSDs in raid-0 for my primary OS disk. I LOVE the performance, very awesome. Beats the 3-drive array I had the OS on before....hands down.


Now, since I have this on a hardware raid, it seems to me Windows can't see what kind of drives we're dealing with here. You can see in this pic that Windows sees the array as a disk in and of itself, and not a very special disk at that (the Microsoft driver is from 2006):




The Intel software can see into the raid, of course, but this doesn't help Windows at all:




My question is, even though we're not even using TRIM yet, are those of us running hardware raid going to have to wait even longer for new raid controllers with some kind of "SSD transparency" or "TRIM support" or something? Or am I just missing something simple here?

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