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HX1000W might be fried


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Hi there!


I got my new rig in March 2009 and was incredibly happy with it.


However, recently there have been issues.


Just last week, on Saturday morning, the computer shut itself off while it was on. Meaning, it just went black. I checked other things in my room, to see if I perhaps blown a fuse, but this was not the case. It was on a good two hours before it conked out.


I tried turning it on again, but it would lose power immediately after a second. So only the fans and the lights went on for that incredibly short period of time.


After that I tried testing different plugs, because I thought it was the power bar. I also turned off the computer and unplugged the wire to check it.

I ended up switching the which one it was plugged into on the power bar.

I turned on the computer, and it worked for about an hour. Then it did the same black out.


This happened 2 other times that day.

So, I switched out the entire power bar. It worked perfectly again.



Then today, again in the morning almost to the same hour as last week, it blacked out after an hour of use.

I turned it back on and it lasted like a minute or two. Blacked out again.


I tried different plugs on the new power bar, then I tried bypassing it and went for direct connection to the wall socket.


Still nothing. The computer keeps blacking out 1 second after I press the power button.


I have a small LCD poster for my Mother Board, it displays this only:


then instantaneously:


then kaput.

This all lasts 1 second.




I've already checked the RAM, not the problem.

I've also checked if all the power connections were solid. They were.

I've checked if it was the start button malfunctioning. It wasn't.


Since the thing doesn't get to the BIOS anymore (heck the monitor doesn't even have time to turn on). I don't think this is a motherboard issue.


So, could this be the Corsair HX1000W PSU?:confused:


If you would like to see my specs, they're on my profile.


So, any ideas?...:sigh!:

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Maybe not pratical for everyone but I have parts (including P/S) that I can "stubb" in for testing purposes. Comes from being an auto mechanic for 35 years,you learn to keep a stash of parts to test with. Thats what I would do in your situation,stubb in a known good P/S.

You could get a P/S tester from the computer store,about $20.00.


Its either that or have a relationship with a shop.

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This sounds like what has happened to my rig. See http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=81587 for my details. I have RMA'd the motherboard (which gets picked up Monday) and also I have ordered a PSU tester which should get here within a week.


I hope it's the motherboard and not the PSU (otherwise I'll get charged for RMA'ng a working device) but it could also be the PSU I guess.

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