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Reassure me 1.8V is OK at stock?


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Hello all,


I think I'm in need of some reassurance, but let's see...


Firstly i searched and found this thread: almost exact same question but I do not overclock or intend to.


My situation is I picked up some new RAM to upgrade from 2x 1GB. New stuff is TWIN2X4096-6400C5. the Corsair PDF lists it as

Tested at JEDEC standard latency settings

(5-5-5-18) at 1.9V


like the guy in the linked thread, my actual DIMM has

1.80V ver3.. something I can't read from here.


If I just want everything to run at stock speed (E8500 - 1333MHz FSB) can I just leave things on "auto"? BIOS reports it running at 1.80, so can someone say unequivocally this is fine? From what I can tell system has been stable and just to test I ran LinX and Memtest for 12 hours without problems.


My gut feeling is that i shouldn't have to touch anything, and if the DIMM has physically has 1.80V written on it i should be fine, but I respect people's expert opinions on here from many hours of their own experience.


Thanks all

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