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Gigabyte GA-UX58-UD5 with 2 packs of TR3X6G1600C8


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Hi peeps,


I'll fully appreicate any form of assistance or input.....


Senario: I had my setup running fine for about 4 months with 3*TRX36G1600C8 version 3.2 running at 1600Mhz with no issues what so ever! I recently decide to add an additional set of 3*TR3X6G1600C8 version 3.1 to the mix when things started going pear shaped i.e. system instability, 2 maybe 3 restarts before I'm able to actaully gain access to the windows desktop, freezing application etc. I thus decided to do a complete reinstallation of the OS thinking this might reslove the issues but now I'm able to even complete a installation of vista or win 7 as I continually get I/O errors!


Question is: are there any incompatibility issues between the version 3.1 & version 3.2 sets of TR3X6G1600C8 sticks at all with the UX58-UD5 motherboard with BIOS version: F6 or if not then would some-one know the correct BIOS config for such a setup?


Also what does the versioning of the TR3X6G1600C8 mean and are there any differences or improvements??


Cheers....looking forward to any suggestions!!

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