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Triple channel 1333mhz running at 1066mhz


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Hello There,


A newbie querry, my system is running at stock speeds. Initially I installed TR3X3G1333C9 (3x1GB) & later added same 3GB kit totalling 6GB (6x1GB sticks). I've updated my XFX X58i's bios to the latest veriosn which can handle uto 1600mhz, but still I'm stuck at 1066mhz :confused:

I've tried changing the memory frequency options in bios to 10x, but no change and I haven't touched any voltages be it the processor's or ram's.


Kindly assist.


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without overclocking the I7 chip only supports 1066

Cheers mate "Synthohol" for the quick reply... :cool:


I didn't know that 1066mhz or above has to be overclocked for an i7 chip! I guess my system is stable with all 6 slots populated.


Coming to my 2nd querry, I'm waiting for Scythe Mugen-2 cpu cooler so that I'll be able to overclock & can you please suggest the best combination with stock voltages or safe speeds/ voltages for both the cpu & ram. I know that XFX X58i is not the best mobo for extreme overclocking.



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is there anything in your BIOS regarding an XMP profile? if so you can try to enable it to see 1333 speeds however it may be difficult with the full population.


just to ask, are you trying to overclock because you can or do you have an issue with current performance you would like to overcome? (i support your intentions either way ;) )


as far as the cooler you chose i dont have any info on that or much to offer in the I7 arena as i am still in the 775 world but i do alot of reading. as far as controlling temps i am a big fan of properly lapping the CPU, the corners on these multi core cpus can be higher* than the centers preventing better contact.


*the corners are also stiffer which on a full contact HSF surface can prevent even contact pressure on the cores especially with high tension mounting assemblies, as i mentioned i am not familiar with the Scythe but i wanted to mention i have had up to a 20c drop under load after lapping one of my quads. it made a big difference when i went to overclock my 2.4 to 3.75 having to bump up the CPU volts.


i would scan the XFX forums for a similar setup and post there for specific board advice as this forum is generally for RAM specific questions.

you can try posting in Corsairs Overclocking/Enthusiast section but i think you may get more responses from XFX's BBS.

good luck!!

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XMP profile? :rolleyes: gotta check.


Overclock?? just like that. Never overclocked before & read that i7 920 is good for overclocking, I may stick to safe cpu/ ram speeds though. I'll scan the XFX forums, it's a very good advice.


Once again, many thanks "Synthohol"

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