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New computer only half the ram is "usable"

pho MSIp55-gd80

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under windows system info I see 4gb ram installed (1.99GB usable) first time i take each ram stick out one at a time, trying both the one and three dim slots each one worked fine, then i put them both in, bios and windows sees 4GB of ram, but 2 mins into running windows system crashes and boots with 2GB of ram. Did the swap again and one of the ram sticks will not boot up, but the other will boot up in both the 1 and 3 dimm slots. Memtest and bios will see both sticks in the slots when I look for them in the categories, but total memory is still 2GB and memtest will only test 2GB (passes btw). Read that a bent pin for the cpu could cause it, no bent pins that i can see.


memory installed memory=4GB but total memory=2GB




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