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80plus rating of HX850 -- Silver or Gold ?


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As I recall the the HX850 was 80+ Gold rated when I checked a few weeks ago, while it now is only rated 80+ Silver. On Corsairs pages that is.


If however one goes to the 80+ site at http://www.80plus.org/manu/psu/psu_detail.aspx?id=25&type=2 they are listed as Gold certified!


If anyone has deep enough knowledge to explain this it would be appreciated.




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  • Corsair Employees

We designed the HX750W and HX850W to the 80Plus Silver specification. We were very pleased when we learned that the HX750/850W units tested by 80Plus qualified for 80Plus Gold certification. We believe that this honor reflects the engineering efforts we put into every product. The HX750/850W didn’t simply meet the Silver specification to which it was designed; it outperformed it.


However, the margin by which the test unit fell into the Gold specification was not large enough to ensure that every HX750/850W we produce will also qualify for Gold certification. We believe in standing behind our products; we cannot make a marketing claim based on test results that were so close to the edge of the Gold and Silver specifications. Because of this, we have chosen to market the HX750/850W as Silver, not Gold.

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