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Yet Another cant get 1066 with cmx2048-8500 sticks...


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I have the following: 2x2gb cmx2048-8500c5d's

Asus Crosshair II, Phenom II 940, 850 watt Enermax Evo PS, windows vista 64 bit.


I am having same symptoms as others are reporting (BSODS, OS corruption, failures to post etc)


Here's what I've done:


manually set timings in BIOS to 1066, 2.1v, 5-5-5-15 2t non ganged.


Running one stick with above settings runs rock solid, no errors, no bombs no BSODS ran 24 hours of SETI@home no worries.


Memtest 3.5 runs fine with one stick as soon as I run it with 2, it crashes before test one even finishes.


tried competing brand of memory today (same specs, 2.1v, 8500 etc etc) SAME result; runs fine with 1 stick, bombs immediately on memtest with 2.


memory runs fine at 800 with 2 sticks.


I think this problem is common to all Asus MB users and it must have something to do with the BIOS settings. I did see a mod on the Asus crosshair forum state authoritatively that there is a "known problem" with the on chip ddr memory controller of the Phenom II CPU's that only crops up when you try an run at 1066. Mods on AMD support site say no such problem they're aware of exists.


So I'm wondering if perhaps there might be another Asus MB owner successfully running at 1066 who could share their complete bios settings so we can compare notes and see what setting might be to blame??

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