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Help needed troubleshoooting - very strange


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I've got this very odd problem, about every one week or so of uptime, my pc gets memory errors and starts crashing (memtest confirms multiple errors).

no amount of vdimm or vmch, tuning or lack there of (leaving on auto) will fix it.

the only thing that does fix the problem is installing my dominators on the other channel (if i was using slots 0 and 2, move the sticks to 1 and 3).

then I would get another clean week, and get the mem errors again. which forces me to move them back to slots 0 and 2 and so on.

i can not get my head around it, anyone know of such a problem that can shead some light please?

Thank you, Mickey.

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I did last time around, one of the sticks caused errors and the other was fine.

however, after swapping the slots to 1 and 3 it came back to life AND I've already had the same problem with a set of crucial ballistix tracers, which I later fried permenantly at 2.45 vdimm 24/7 (bad move i guess, though i did get something around 11gb/s with them on my older nvidia 650i board).


I did take some good advice from another thread here about my vmch (not pushing it over 1.3 volts), see how that plays out. the dfi board is around six monthes old and i got some very nice clocks with it (450 fsb stable without tweaking anything but vfsb to 1.28).

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