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XMS2 C4 and C5 together


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Hi, I have a problem with these two kind of ram. Before the upgrade I had two blank of TWIN xms2 2X1024-6400 C4 in dual channel mode and everything worked fine. Then i bought a single blank of xms2 2048-6400 C5 and are started little problem. Always CRC error when I try to extract files, always CRC error. Each time when I work with an application it crashes, and occasionally occur BSOD. I am sure that these problems are cause of ram because when I remove it ( the 2gb C5) the problems dissapear. I have read that is recommended to use the same type of ram, but when i bought it I did't know it. What can i do? These blank may not work together?



Sorry for my english, I am italian.

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It's possible that they may not work together, but I would try manually configuring the following settings in your BIOS to see if you can get them to run together.


Memory Frequency: 667MHz

Memory Voltage: 2.0v

CAS Latency: 5

tRCD: 5

tRP: 5

tRAS: 15


Also make sure you have the latest BIOS for the board for the best chances of compatibility.

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Thanks, Rum Guy. I have upgraded the bios, but I can't change the memory frequency. But otherwise I have done several memtest and it found error. In all cases, together with other blank and only the 2gb C5 mounted, the memtest always found errors. Is the ram gone??
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