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Corsair HX1000 causing the problem??


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Hello everyone, need some help here. First off, specs of my system below:


i7 920 D0

EVGA Classified E760

6GB ******** Perfect Storm 2000 DDR3

2x Sapphire 4870x2

2x Velociraptor 150GB

WD 1TB Cavier Black

Corsair HX1000

2x Swiftech MCP-655 Pumps


Ok, so here is the problem:

Computer was working fine with no problems. Could OC and run 3DMark06 and make it all the way to the end. All of a sudden, one day it started rebooting (no BSOD) when running anything that put the computer under load (ie: games/benchies/etc.).


Now, here is what I have done to troubleshoot:

Reflashed the BIOS 4 times (the correct way of course)

Set everything to default settings (still does it)

Ran LinX and completes everything fine

Ran Memtest with no problems

Ran Furmark and reboot after 3-5 minutes


Ok, so this is where I am confused and thinking it might be the PSU. It seems like the only time it will reboot is when the system is under a load that stresses the GPU's (which are definitely the most power hungry part of my system). Any thoughts on the possible problem and what else I might be able to do to troubleshoot? Thanks everyone!

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You mentioned that you flashed your Bios. Are you using a new Bios? I had a similar problem with the MSI Eclipse . I rolled back my bios to one that I had used for a long time (I was using a beta Bios when the problem started) and the problem went away.


Nope, tried 4 different BIOS's with the same problem.


Ok, really bad problem now!!


Computer stopped starting all together. I reset the CMOS and tried and it started but everything was going extremely slow on POST and when I went into the BIOS, everything lagged. I then reset the CMOS again and it started fine, went into BIOS and set it back to default settings and re-enabled my RAID. I then saved and restarted and it went into Windows. I immediately noticed that my Real Temp showed 100C on all cores! I felt the return hose from my CPU block and it was almost burning to the touch! I then immediately shut it down and don't want to turn it on again!


Ok, what is going on??

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Well, cooling problem solved. For some reason the pump didn't want to start but is working fine now. Sorry for the noobness and thanks everyone for the help. I still think it might be something with the PSU though.


Same problem exists as before. Even at all stock settings, anytime I put a load to the GPU's, the computer reboots at random times but always pretty quick. Any ideas? Hopefully I have a new PSU to test with coming today.

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Well, I think I narrowed it down to the PSU. I used the PCI-E disable jumpers and disabled GPU #2. Once I did this, I was able to run any benchmark 100% complete everytime I tried it. This makes me believe that capacitor degradation or some other PSU degradation is causing this and the 920 and 2 4870x2's were just too much for it.


RMA has already been requested. I'll let everyone know the outcome. Thanks for everyone's help!!

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I've been experiencing pretty much exactly the same problem you've encountered here. So i'm very interested in knowing whether the new PSU fixes the shutting down for you.


My Story:

I purchased and built the PC from scratch about two weeks ago (apart from the HX1000 and the case which where part of my old build, so ive had them for a little under 11 months now).


I currently experience the computer shutting down when.... well i say shutting down... what it looks like its doing is restarting... programs close and power goes off, only the power lights stay on and SOMETIMES it will start up again for a few seconds then turn off again... then i have to hit restart (anyway), Problem occurs when i use the second GPU, by that i mean, when i turn on CrossFire and play a game OR when i play a movie on my TV which is currently connected to the SECOND GPU.


Watching movies on my TV when its connected to my FIRST gpu works fine.. and playing games with Crossfire DISABLED works fine too. (oh and ive tried swapping the GPUs over, and even trying the 2nd GPU by itself, works exactly the same)


I've tried running the system with both GPUs on rail 2, and also with them split over 1&2, same results.


I'm not 100% sure its the PSU, but tbh its all i have to go on right now, unfortunately my knowledge of computers is limited to what google searches return to me :P Any opinions / suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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