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TR3X6G1600C9 / i5


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On the way are parts for a new computer, including

  • Corsair XMS3 6GB (3 x 2GB) TR3X6G1600C9
  • Intel Core i5-750 Lynnfield 2.66GHz
  • ASUS P7P55D motherboard


I now realize buying TR3X6G1600C9 for this build was a mistake, as it is seemingly designed for the i7 processor. That said, the ASUS manual says the motherboard supports "TR3X6G1600C9(XMP)Ver2.1" for CPUs at 2.66GHz (I'm not sure what "(XMP)Ver2.1" is and if it is the same as what Newegg is shipping me).


My questions are:

  1. Will this RAM be usable with this build? Will I be able to boot and run a safe, stable system with it?
  2. If the RAM is usable, what slots on the motherboard should I install it to? (I'm assuming I won't be able to use the Triple Channel feature.)
  3. If the RAM is usable, what BIOS settings should I use to maximize safety/stability and performance?


Note that I'm not an overclocker and won't mind drops in performance due to non-optimal RAM. I'm transitioning from 1GB of DDR1 so if it works and provides reasonable performance, I'll be happy. Anyways, I really don't want to DRM this RAM so please help. Thanks.

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Just use 2 out of the 3 sticks and you'll be fine.


There is no such thing as Dual / Triple Channel memory, as this is a property of the memory controller in how it handles memory. This is why you can place memory in different slot configurations on a motherboard and it will register as single or dual or triple channel.


Turn on XMP in the BIOS and it will make all of the BIOS changes necessary. Or, manually change the timings / voltage as per the memory label.

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