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Problem with Asus P6T Se and Corsair 3*2 gb


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its a weird problem


sometimes it boot up and shows 6 gb ram


then sometimes after i restart vista only 4Gb instead of 6


bios i allready updated to the newest version


use the orange slots on the motherboard for rams


and the problem is still there


anyone can help me maybe



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Sorry for using old thread, but I got link to it through Google search and it seem to fit my problem. I cannot get 3x2GB Corsair memory to work on my P6T SE 0908 BIOS. The memory is TR3X6G1333C9 v7.11


I currently have 3x2GB TD2G16C9-Z8 (V-Color) and they work fine although BIOS auto sets them to 1066MHz. I can change them manually to 1333MHz and they work too, but I keep them at 1066MHz.


Corsair TR3X6G1333C9 v7.11 does not work at all. System does not boot, not even POST is available. Same thing happens with Crucial CT7308895, so I assume problem is most probably with P6T SE but want to ask here anyway in case you guys have solution or advice.


I tested memory as triple in orange slots (A1+B1+C1), as well as each module individually in A1. Same result.


Thank you

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