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Overclocking dominator GT 2000 7-8-7-20 3x1GB (TR3X6G2000C7GTF) !


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Hello mates


I can't make these memories run stable at 2000Mhz 7-8-7-20 (1T & 2T) with a BLCK: 200 CPU Ratio: 19. I have been overclocking for a long time but it seems that something is wrong. I have adjusted CPU voltage from 1.38 - 1.42 and QPI voltage from 1.6 - 1.65 (with CPU PLL: 1.96) with no luck at all.

I have also adjusted DIMM voltage from 1.66 - 1.68. But the system crashes after some tests (under Prime95 8kb round). I have got the Thermaltake Extreme True Copper with 2 big fans. So the temp is not the issue.










Please help me out here. I appreciate your advice !

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