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HX1000 dead?


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Hi all,




I recently built a new rig and it was working great until last night. I started to copy a few 100GB of files from one HD to another and my PC restarted with no warning. Weird.


So I let the PC boot up again and when it had loaded Windows I started the copy off again and the same thing happened. Weirder.


But then the PC wouldn't start up at all. Most weird.


Now when I turn my PC on the fans (case, heatsink, graphics card) all spin up for half a second, and then power is lost and they all spin down again. This cycle happens repeatedly every 5 seconds.



Troubleshooting I have done


I have reset the BIOS. I have removed every single card (graphics, sound, network, memory) and every single device (all HDs, DVDRW, Fan controller, etc) from my motherboard. Now the only things that now make up my PC are:

  • Corsair HX1000 PSU with the EATX12V and the EATXPWR connectors plugged into the motherboard.
  • Asus P5Q Pro Turbo motherboard
  • Intel E8500 CPU with Freezer Pro 7 HS/F hooked into the 4-pin CPU header
  • ******** P183 case with the power/reset buttons attached to the mobo


The problem still persists. The machine will briefly power up and then loose all power. (The heatsink fan briefly starts spinning and then rolls to a stop).


THE WEIRD THING: If I disconnect the EATX12V connector from the motherboard and start the machine up, then the CPU fan spins constantly as expected. Obviously in this state I can't actually do anything useful, but the fan is working properly! And of course I can't rebuild my hardware with this vital connector not plugged into the motherboard.


So does anyone have an idea if the problem is with the PSU not delivering the four +12V lines to the motherboard, or if it's the motherboard not detecting the four +12V lines and stopping my machine from working? Any advice? Any other steps I can try to troubleshoot this major headache?





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Thanks for your quick reply!


With the EATX12V 8-pin connector unplugged and the system turned on, my voltmeter shows 12V across each of the 4 pairs of pins.


Am I correct in assuming that my problem is unlikely to be with the PSU and instead lies with something else? eg: motherboard or processor?



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Well I brought a PSU tester and the voltages that the PSU was outputting all seemed fine. In the end I RMA'd my ASUS motherboard and the resellers said it was faulty. My new one arrived yesterday, I plugged everything back into it, and things seem to be working great.


Looks like this problem I was having was nothing to do with my Corsair HX1000 PSU. Thanks all!

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