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System freeze after hours of heavy load


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Hi All,

I would like to get some help, how to approach, how to find and localize my problem, which is the following :

I use MATLAB for heavy numerical computations, which really use all 4 cores (AMD Phenom ii x4) in 100 % continously, and deals with large amounts of data (matrices of 1-4 Gb).

The system freezes after a few hours (typically 1-4 hours) of this kind of load.

It doesn't seem to be software dependent, as I have windows and linux also installed on the same machine, both running the same code, and both freeze (altough not always after the same amount of time)

I logged the temperatures using everest, and they never exceed 50-52 C for the cores, and 37 C for the chipset.


Nothing is overclocked.


Before installing the system, I ran memtest86+ for the RAM, and found no problem.

What I have additionaly tested by now, is that I ran the system stability test in Everest Ultimate Edition, stressing the CPU, FPU, cache, memory countinously. Voltages, and temperatures seemed to be rock stable, and the test had been running already for 15 hours when I stopped it.



hints, how to go on ? what to check ?


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Does MATLAB have a user forum? If so I would post this on their forum?

Also do you have the AMD CPU Driver installed?

Have you tested this with another O.S. and what O.S. are you using?




yes matlab also has a support forum, I will also try there. This whole thing seems a little bit weird, and matlab-specific.

Yesterday I tested each RAM module one-by-one using memtest86+.

Found no errors.

Overnight I even ran the prime95 stress-test. Found no errors, no freeze.

Right after stopping the prime95, with the hot system, i started the same matlab script, no freeze.

The problem doesn't seem to be consistent, as the same matlab script did freeze my system a few times immediately after starting.


I tested a matlab code, which froze my XP, also under linux, using the linux version matlab. It also froze there, but not after the same time.

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  • Corsair Employees

Its hard to say with out seeing the system first hand.

But from what you have stated I would look for these things

1. Are other users having this problem?

2. Is there a different version of the software you can use or try?

3. Are there settings for how strong or hard it will load the CPU?

4. If there are settings for the program have you tried it just one CPU Core at a time?


From what you have stated I suspect the program may be too aggressively written at least at start up, I have seen this with some other programs that do the same type of function. Or there may be some issue with the CPU or MB and tolerance changes with Temp or load may be the reason for the erratic behavior if I understand your posts so far.

If the MB you have does not have active cooling on the chipset you might add one and try a memory fan to help keep the system MB temps more stable.

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