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Thinking I need a new PSU - is it covered?


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I do not think I have a bad part per se, but I do think I need a larger PSU. I have a 450W right now and I want to trade it in for a 550W Corsair VX-550 PSU.

Everything works fine and I have the box/cables and everything. The "warranty voided if removed" sticker is still on there :P everything is in tact. I just severely miscalculated the size of the PSU I would need.


I mean, of course I have no problem shelling out the extra cash for the larger one (and the shipping). I'm just wondering if the part I have now is covered under warranty, or will it allow me to swap it if I pay the extra?


Thanks for any info!

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I bought it on an online computer store. It's an Australian store, Megabuy, and they pretty much said they don't do refunds because the customer is supposed to know what they're getting. Damn, sucks for me. :[pouts:


Thanks for the reply though!

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